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A design company that makes your ideas come into reality


S3D Design Consulting is an international company with clients worldwide, focusing on the Automotive Design sector & product development in the industrial design sector.

Our service starts from an initial Key sketch that leads into a full 3D model, with our team experience we can indicate & foreseen Strong points that can be accurate during the design process.

S3D was established in 2008 in Barcelona, with a clear vision to be part of the Automotive  industry and project management, we have the tools and skills to bring your company the following:

- Team creation and management

- Design thinking and strategy 

- Budget management 

- Complete project process from initial until completion

- Development from a 2D sketch into a 3D model.

- Reverse Engineering.

- CAS into class A modeling.

- Understanding the Design of various processes & provide technical Solutions.

S3D Design Consulting is located in Barcelona, Spain

Our Email Address: 

S3D Design Consulting

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