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S3D Design Consulting was founded by Yair Sharim a seasoned Design Manager, creative & open-minded with 15 years of collaborating with various OEMs across the EU and startups in the automotive sector. my past position included establishing a complete Automotive Development and Design department, cross departments team management in various locations across the globe, and establishing a Design department and engineering. Establishing work mythologies and Brand Automotive Design ideation.

S3D Design Consulting was founded in Barcelona, in 2008 with a great passion for the world of Design.

With a B. A in Transportation Design & more than 15 years of "hands-on" experience in various OEM's Design centers across the EU, managing teams, in the Automotive Design & Industrial Design sector as a 3D Design consultant.


  • Deep understanding of Automotive & Product Design

  • Team creation

  • Team leadership

  • Microsoft Office/Excell/PPT

  • Negotiations skills

  • Organization

  • enhancing ideas

  • Design development

  • Budget control

  • 3D Design

  • Plastics & complex engineering

S3D Design Consulting is an international, highly experienced team that can communicate at the highest levels of expertise to have optimal communication.

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