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Our Services

​Our service starts from an initial Key sketch that leads into a full 3D model, with our team experience we can indicate & foresee Strong points that can be accurate during the design process.

 We have the tools and skills to bring your company the following:

Design thinking and strategy 

To bring your ideas into reality, it is important to get to know you. 

With our vast experience, we can "navigate" together through any obstacle to reach your final goal.

Team creation and management

Our success is a direct link to our quality in personal selection and expertise.

As we are in a highly competitive market one has to bring his own unique and to deliver only excellence.

Our team is "hand-picked" of Automotive professionals with many years of experience in the sector

Stakeholder relation

Part of the S3D Design service is providing complete status reports and updates to any stakeholder of our clients. 

 2D sketch into a 3D model development

We offer a complete project process from "A to Z",  starting with fast 2D sketchings, and 3D ideation, following a complete fully functional model.

Budget and time management 

To work under a tight timetable and budget is nothing new to us.

With a proven working methodology and full transparency 

Supplier's allocation and negotiation

Over the years, S3D Design has created a vast network of suppliers that can assist in any task with the best in the-market pricing and deliveries time

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